Call SWAT to a party for $1,500 in Astana

01 мая 2011, 10:17
RIA Novosti©
RIA Novosti©
One of event agencies of Astana makes unusual stunts for rich clients, Express-K reports.

SWAT arrival at the height of the party is their most popular service. It costs $1.5 thousand to order such joke.

As per the agency's director Talgat Ospanov, this service isn't exactly new, but it is popular nevertheless.

SWAT uniform is bought in special shops, guns and ammunition is bought in toy shops.

Organizers say that 'victims' of this stunt take the SWAT for real in hundred percent cases.

There are many other jokes. For example, a birthday person receives a case full of dollars, but when he tries to take the money they burst in flames.

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