Zhumayev's expedition advanced another 600 meters up K2

07 июля 2011, 19:03
Maksut Zhumayev. Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev
Maksut Zhumayev. Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev
K2 mount. Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev
K2 mount. Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev
Participants of international expedition to K2 continue working on Chogori mount. Alpinists installed another 600 meters of rope towards the second camp, Kazakhstan sportsmen Maksut Zhumayev told Tengrinews.kz.

According to Zhumayev, ascending and installation of the safety equipment involved no accidents. Major part of the alpinist work is done by Kazakhstan sportsmen Vassiliy Pivtsov. “He works on the ice slope and we bring him ropes in turns. There is no schedule on who works on the slop for how long. It all depends on how we feel at the moment,” Zhumayev said.

Kazakhstan expedition has already tried to ascend K2 along the same route: “It is nice to find pieces of our ropes after four years. We can say that we are following in our own footsteps.”

According to forecasts, the weather will stay good for another one or two days. Snowfalls and strong wind are expected in Karakorum mountain system after that. In two days the alpinists are planning to have ascent and installed the second camp at the height of 6,300 meters above the sea level. The group then will go back to the base camp and wait for a better weather.

The goal of the expedition is to ascent the most northern eight-thousander: the 8611 meter tall Chogori. It is located in the Karakorum mountain range in Kashmir province (at the border between Pakistan and China). This is the sixth attempt to ascent K2 for Zhumayev.

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