Wrestling: Kazakhstan national Greco-Roman team won 6 medals at Dave Schultz Memorial

18 февраля 2013, 14:57
Tanat Sagyndykov, Kazakhstan Greco-Roman team's coach. Photo courtesy of wrestling.kz
Tanat Sagyndykov, Kazakhstan Greco-Roman team's coach. Photo courtesy of wrestling.kz
Kazakhstan Greco-Roman wrestlers took part in the Dave Schultz Memorial International wrestling tournament that was held on January 30 – February 02, 2013 in Colorado Springs, USA. The Kazakhstan’s team coached by Tanat Sagyndykov showed excellent results. The Kazakhstan wrestlers advanced into the final of the tournament in six weight groups out of seven possible and won a total of 6 medals. They were ranked first in the overall ranking of the tournament.

Nursultan Kalmyrzayev, the 2012 Kazakhstan Wrestling Cup champion, fought in the 55kg weight division matches. The wrestler from South Kazakhstan Oblast suffered an injury during the USA-Kazakhstan match. In spite of his injured tooth he managed to advance into the final, but could not take part in the decisive match. The second finalist -- China’s Aven Fan automatically won the match.

Kazakhstan’s Almat Kebispayev, 60kg weight division wrestler, won the first gold for the Kazakhstan team. “I was a bit angry with myself for winning none of the gold medals last year, but 2013 has started successfully for me. Thanks God, I have won this tournament. I’d like to add that I won over China’s Feh Wan (2:0, 4:0) and it was the key victory. I lost to this wrestler in 2009 and so this victory was especially important for me. The quarterfinals match was quite tough as well. I won Japan’s Kazuma Kuramoto, who lost to Yerbol Konyratov last year in the final of the Asian Championship,” Almat said after his victory.

Yerbol Konyratov, Kazakhstan’s 66kg Greco-Roman wrestler reached the finals as well, however, he yielded the victory to China’s Sheikh Wang in the decisive match. Kazakhstan’s Askhat Zhanbyrov wrestled in the same weight division, but lost to a Japan’s wrestler.

Doszhan Kartikov became the champion in the 66kg weight division. He won over several strong wrestlers and met Sweden’s Sharur Vardanyan in the final match. “Frankly speaking, I wasn’t nervous before the beginning of the tournament at all. I have never wrestled against the today’s wrestlers before. The final match was easy for me,” Doszhan said. The score of his final match shows that this was true, he won 1:0, 1:0. Kazakhstan’s Maksat Yerezhepov fought in the same weight division, but lost in the first round of the tournament. The rival he lost to then failed to win over Doszhan Kartikov.

Daniyal Gadjiyev, the 2012 London Olympic Games prize-winner and Kazakhstan’s 84kg weight division wrestler, advanced to the finals as well. Unfortunately, he got a light injury and could not appear in the ring. American Jordan Holm was awarded with a victory as the result. Kazakhstan’s Alkhazur Ozdiyev fought for a bronze medal against Lithuania’s Alexander Kazakevich, but lost (2:0, 0:1, 0:1.)

Zhanarbek Kabdolov, Kazakhstan’s 96kg wrestler had a chance to win bronze, but yielded the victory to Sweden’s Fredrick Schon 2:0, 0:1, 0:2.

Nurmakhan Tynaliyev, Kazakhstan’s super heavy weight (120kg) wrestler, made it into the final of the tournament. By a twist of fate he fought against Sweden’s Johan Euren, who won over him at the London Olympics. The super heavy weight wrestlers wrestled in kneeling position. Nurmakhan attacked successfully in the first period and won it with an advantage of two points. The Sweden’s wrestler acted likewise the same in the second period and evened the score. Nurmakhan failed to lift up his rival in the decisive period and won only silver.

As the result Kazakhstan Greco-Roman team was ranked first in the overall ranking of the XV Dave Schultz Memorial. Kazakhstan’s wrestlers scored 38 points, China’s team followed them with 20 points and Lithuania became third with 17 points.

The Kazakhstan national wrestling team has already returned to Kazakhstan and started their training sessions in Almaty, Kazakhstan Wrestling Federation reports.

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