Vinokourov: Kashechkin needs to go back to earth

23 сентября 2011, 12:41
Andrey Kashechkin. ©REUTERS/Robert Pratta
Andrey Kashechkin. ©REUTERS/Robert Pratta
Kazakhstan cyclist Aleksandr Vinokourov said that his partner in Astana cycling team Andrey Kashechkin has to stop making loud statements in the media and concentrate on training, reports.

“First of all Andrey has to go back to earth and work like all the other cyclists, take part in trainings, etc. I think that if he does that, other cyclists will change their attitude to him and he will understand everything. There was a time when he was achieving some results, not very high, but he has a talent. He needs to work, instead of screaming that he will win over everyone,” Vinokourov said.

Vinokourov, longtime leader of Astana will continue his career the next season and will also be involved in managing the team. Particularly, he is planning to get a proper financing of the second string of the team. “Astana-2 is also an important project that is in our plans. Tomorrow we are meeting with our sponsors and will try to make it clear to them. Should the budget be good, I think we will make the second team with mostly young sportsmen in it,” Vinokourov shared his plans.

He also noted that Astana cycling team made Kazakhstan well-known abroad. So, for example, President of France Nikolas Sarkozy asked about Kazakhstan cycling team at the latest meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev. “I think the President knows about our activities. I think that he is probably proud for our team, our country, proud that it is known abroad,” the sportsman added.

By Dmitriy Dubovitskiy

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