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They were killing us in Paris: Chief Coach of Kazakh weight-lifting team

18 ноября 2011, 10:19
The head coach of national weight-lifting team Aleksey Ni. Photo courtesy of wfrk.kz
The head coach of national weight-lifting team Aleksey Ni. Photo courtesy of wfrk.kz
Aleksey Ni, Chief Coach of Kazakhstan national weight-lifting team, said that the judges were railroading his team in the World Championship in Paris, Tengrinews.kz reports.

“We didn't appeal against the judges' decisions. No appeals have being considered in weight-lifting for a long time. The judges' decisions are always the final ones. I had rows with everybody there. When they didn't score Ilyin's third attempt in snatch – it was over the top. He lifted the weight without a hitch,” the head coach said.

In Maya Maneza's case the judges failed to assemble the barbell correctly, when the sportswoman made a claim for the world record. According to Ni it didn't allow her to become the world champion. “I haven't seen such a negligence in all my life. The sportswoman makes a claim for a world record, and she ends up with a barbell assembled incorrectly! They had to thoroughly work out every detail. The judges deliberately added two and a half kilos to one side of her barbell. We spoke to the International Weight-Lifting Federation representatives afterward and they promised to suspend these judges from their work for life. It wouldn't return the gold medal, though,” Ni said.

In spite of all this, in general, the coach was satisfied with the result his team showed: “The girls performed very well, they won four Olympic spots. The boys performed as well as they could. Only Almaz Uteshev has let us down. He failed to lift the weight during three attempts in snatch. As a result, we had insufficient score to get the fifth Olympic spot.”

According to Ni, the judges' mistakes might even turn out to be helpful from the London Olympics perspective. “Both Maya Maneza and Svetlana Podobedova could have became three-time world champions. Perhaps, if this hd happened, they would be a bit too relaxed before London. We have talked about it a lot. I have told them that people are always afraid of the strongest ones, they try to restrain them, to drive them down. But the strong ones only become even stronger because of this. Now our sportswomen are full of determination to prove their leadership in London,” the coach said.

Kazakhstan weight-lifters will take a rest for the next several weeks. Then they will start a half-year preparation cycle prior the Olympic Games. “They need to recover not only physically, but also emotionally. We will reassemble in Antalya first, than we'll return to Kazakhstan. We'll be training in Almaty and Taldykorgan. Ilyin will be preparing on the basis of our old programs individually prior to the Olympic Games. I am satisfied with his result in Paris. I am satisfied that he has returned after a three-year break and has proved that he is the best in this weight league,” the head coach said.

Kazakhstan became third in overall standing at the World Championship in France, after China and Russia. Ilya Ilyin and Zulfiya Chinshanlo won gold medals in the competition. Svetlana Podobedova and Maya Maneza got silver medals.

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