Skiing: Kazakhstan’s Poltoranin wins sprint in Davos

19 февраля 2013, 19:20
Kazakhstan’s skier Aleksey Poltoranin won the men's classic sprint event at the 12th stage of the Cross-Country Skling World Cup in Switzerland’s city of Davos, reports.

The Kazakhstan's skier showed the best time of 3 minutes and 25.6 seconds and was 5.4 seconds faster than Swiss Dario Cologna, who became second. Italy’s Federico Pellegrino was third. He was 6 seconds behind Poltoranin.

One more Kazakhstan’s skier Nikolay Chebotko was ranked 5th in the final stage. Poltoranin also won quarterfinals and semifinals of the Cup earlier.

Poland’s Justyna Kowalczyk won the women’s classic sprint event in World Cup finals.

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