Routes of 2nd Almaty Charitable Marathon

28 апреля 2013, 00:55
The Marathon billboard at Abay Avenue. ©Galina Vityukova
The Marathon billboard at Abay Avenue. ©Galina Vityukova
9-kilometer route's scheme. Photo courtesy of the Marathon's website
9-kilometer route's scheme. Photo courtesy of the Marathon's website
Al-Farabi Avenue. ©Galina Vityukova
Al-Farabi Avenue. ©Galina Vityukova
Al-Farabi-Zharokov interchange. ©Galina Vityukova
Al-Farabi-Zharokov interchange. ©Galina Vityukova
The 2nd Charitable Marathon -- Courage to be First -- will start at 8 a.m. on April 28. There are four options up for choosing: 2, 9, 21 and 42-kilometer long distances. correspondent decided to have a look at these distances before the Marathon.

The shortest option - a 2-kilometer long route - is meant for children aged 10-14. Young runners will compete at the Central Stadium and they will have to run five 400-meter loops.

The most accessible for all and the most popular distance is the 9.6-kilometer long distance.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the Marathon, but only the first three participants to finish among 15-17 y.o. teenagers will be awarded with prizes. The time limit for the distance is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Here is the 9.6-kilometer route plan (provided by the organizers of the Marathon)

The route starts from the Part of the First President at the crossing of Al Farabi and Novoi streets and finish at the Central Stadium at the crossing of Abay and Baitursynov street.

Check points of the route are marked with yellow flags. Participants will be using RFID-wristbands to register passing of the checkpoints. correspondent, equipped with GPS watch, covered the distance of the Marathon (from the Park of the First President to the Central Stadium) on foot in 1 hour and 38.5 minutes.

9-kilometer long distance

Scheme of altitudes above sea level

Technical classification of the route: the first 600 meters of the road is straight, than it descends for a space of four kilometers (to Shashkin Str.), than there is an insignificant ascent during 1 kilometer (till Seifullin Avenue), and one more descent from Seifullin to Abay Street. The road along Abay Street to the finishing line at the Stadium is straight. There is a steep descent and than an ascent at Seifullin-Timiryazev interchange under the bridge. The route is quite easy technically and is appropriate for those, who run a marathon for the first time.

Tips for those who will run the marathon for the first time:

1. Take a look at the route beforehand or even walk the distance on foot and to think over your tactics. It won't take you more than two hours.

2. Check your shoes beforehand. They should fit you perfectly. Do up your shoelaces well. Choose light and comfortable clothes. It may be quite chilly at Al-Farabi Avenue in the morning.

3. Don’t try to catch up with experienced runners, follow your pace that is comfortable for you. There is no need to hurry, you will cover the distance in the required time even if you walk instead of running.

4. Enjoy the marathon. The route lies through picturesque avenues surrounded by trees and bushes, various flowerbeds with different types of tulips and other flowers. Support the cheerful spirit of the event.

21-kilometer and 42-kilometer long routes are available at the official website of the Marathon. Saltanat Kazybayeva, Marathon’s steering committee chairman, said that the routes will be marked with special signs and the participants won’t get lost. Bottled water will be available along the routes.

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