One of Kazakhstan participants of 2012 Olympics defined

10 августа 2011, 13:35
Казахстанская прыгунья Ирина Эктова. Photo courtesy of
Казахстанская прыгунья Ирина Эктова. Photo courtesy of
Kazakh jumper Irina Ektova (also known by her maiden name Litvinenko) has qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, reports, quoting Kazakhstan Sports portal.

The sportswoman from Northern Kazakhstan recently returned to sport from maternity leave and has already managed to set a personal record. Irina has made a 14 meter and 48 centimeter triple jump. “Our jumper holds a spot in the A group. This means that Irina will definitely represent our country at the Olympics in London,” Darya Tushina, press officer from Northern Kazakhstan Oblast Tourism and Sport Department said.

Irina Ektova has participated in the Olimpic Games in Beijing in 2008. Her spouse, Yevgeny Ektov, international master of sport at track and field athletics and Margarita Matsko, champion racer of 2010 Summer Asian Games have also qualified for the main sport event of the forthcoming years. But they have gained only B group spots. That means that if any other Kazakhstan sportsmen get the A spots before the start of the Olympics, the sportsmen holding the B group licenses won’t be able to compete in the Games.

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