Media discusses Astana team uniting with Saxo Bank

28 июня 2011, 18:43
Photo courtesy of press-service of Astana cycling team
Photo courtesy of press-service of Astana cycling team
Foreign media has been writing about the management of Kazakhstan cycling team Astana negotiating with the owner of Saxo Bank Bjarne Riis to unite for the next season. According to Astana fan website citing L'Equipe, triple champion of Tour de France Alberto Contador from Spain will be the main star of the united team.

Riis is one of the most experienced managers of Pro-tour, but he has been facing serious financial problems in the last years of work with Saxo Bank. Joining Riis' experience and financial abilities of Astana could help create a team that could win prizes in all championships. However, Kazakhstan Cycling Federation has not confirmed this information. The information has not appeared on L'Equipe website either, but possibly it has been published in the print version.

Contador rode for Astana from 2007 to 2010 and won two Tour de France while in the team. After leaving the team he was involved in the doping scandal, but managed to prove his innocence and avoided disqualification.

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