Kazakhstan wins bronze in Bandy World Championship

12 февраля 2013, 19:22
 ©Vladimir Dmitriyev
©Vladimir Dmitriyev
The national bandy team of Kazakhstan has become the bronze prize-winner of the World Championship for the second time in a row, Vesti.kz reports. The Kazakhstan bandy team won over Finland with the score of 6:3 at the match for the third place.

The Finnish team opened the score of the match. Yan Hauska outplayed Kazakhstan’s goalkeeper near the goal cage. The Kazakhstan team managed to score a response goal only after 25 minutes and Kazakhstan’s Dmitry Zavidovsky was the goal scorer. Kazakhstan’s Andrey Morokov gave the team a lead in ten minutes after that, but the Finland’s team attacked back and evened the score. Finland’s Sami Laakkonen scored the goal.

Kazakhstan’s Zavidovskiy scored his second goal and brought his team ahead. But the Finnish team evened the score shortly after that. Kazakhstan’s Alexander Nassonov made it 4:3 and Yevgeny Shadrin increased the lead to two goals. Kazakhstan’s Vyacheslav Bronnikov, who is the best goalscorer of the team with the record of 11 goals in this Bandy World Championship, scored the final goal in the match.

Kazakhstan bandy team also won Finland’s team during their fight for the third place last year.

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