Kazakhstan wants to adopt Chinese boxing experience

25 марта 2011, 19:21
Timur Kulibayev
Timur Kulibayev
Kazakhstan boxing needs to adopt Chinese experience, president of Kazakhstan’s Boxing Federation Timur Kulibayev said at the Federation’s annual conference, Tengrinews.kz reports.

He pointed out that Kanat Slyam who recently trained in the Chinese national boxing team said that there is a huge difference between training techniques in China and Kazakhstan.

In China “there are four doctors per one sportsman. They are constantly doing functional and various other measurements. I think this has to be improved on our end. In my view sports medicine in general is quite underdeveloped in Kazakhstan. Same is true in case of boxing,” said Kulibayev.

Speaking of the results of the past year, Timur Kulibayev mentioned success of Kazakhstan’s boxers at the global stage: two gold medals and the third place overall in the Summer Asian Games in Guangzhou and reaching the semifinal at the World Series of Boxing (WSB) by Astana Arlans professional team. The team’s first semifinal match against a Los Angeles team is scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan on April 7-8.

Kulibayev said that one of this year’s goals is to host the World Junior Boxing Championship in Astana. This junior event will be yet another step taken by Kazakhstan to support its application to host the World Boxing Championship in 2013.

Besides the successes in the sports arena, the national boxing achievements include gaining representation in the executive committee of AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association) and Asian confederation. Kazakhstan got memberships in four committees: technical, training, medical and WSB.

According to Timur Kulibayev, it is necessary to pay more attention to development of female boxing. Southern areas of Kazakhstan are very apt for female boxing, whereas in the north it is less developed.

In the meantime female boxers from Kazakhstan have won a right to participate in Asian championship and the World championship next year.

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