Kazakhstan disabled athlete ran marathon in USA

15 января 2013, 11:16
Photo courtesy of bezgraniz.com
Photo courtesy of bezgraniz.com
Kazakhstan's 70-y.o Yevgeny Tetyukhin who has been disabled since childhood took part in a big International marathon that was held in the United States , North-Kazakhstan oblast’s Tourism, Physical Education and Sport Department reports.

Tetyukhin, international Master of Sports, took part in the annual Honolulu Marathon. 25 000 people, including 25 disabled persons, participated in the marathon this year.

Tetyukhin was ranked 9th among disabled athletes and showed the best result in his age group.

Yevgeny Tetyukhin is an assistant professor of Germanic Philology Department of North-Kazakhstan University.

He participated in marathons in Switzerland and Russia (Omsk) and won Tyumen Marathons in 2007 and 2008. He also took part in Alaska Ultra Marathon (263 miles) and Winter Paralympics Games in Italy’s Turin in 2006.

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