GGG's KOs get into TOP20 Knockouts

20 january 2014, 19:40
Gennady Golovkin’s KOs have got into the Top 20 Knockouts of 2013 by TheTrueChamp website, Tengrinews reports citing

GGG opens the rating with his impressive KO during the fight against Matthew Macklin. The Kazakhstani boxer won in the third round with a strong body punch. It took only a couple minutes for GGG to send the British boxer into a KO.

Golovkin’s knocked out Japanese Nobuhiro Ishida and it got him the third place in the rating. His strong punch threw the Japanese on the ropes. Ishida could not stand up without help after that.

TKOs did not make the list, but nonetheless were impressive. Golovkin clearly dominated in the fight against Gabriel Rosado. Despite Rosado’s later commentaries on the legality of the fight, Golovkin outclassed him with a knockdown in the 6th round. The coach decided to end the fight bringing GGG another TKO to his record.

During the fight against Curtis Stevens, Gennady blasted his opponent with a deadly left hook and decided the following rounds. Stevens managed to land several blows, but Golovkin was undoubtedly controlling the ring the whole time. The referee stopped the fight because Stevens was missing to many hits.

The unbeaten Kazakhstan star boxer Gennady Golovkin has 25 KOs in his record. His next fight takes place on February 1 in Monte-Carlo against Osumanu Adama from Ghana.

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