Football: Celtic brings own chef to Kazakhstan

19 августа 2013, 19:00
Neil Lennon. Photo courtesy of
Neil Lennon. Photo courtesy of
Celtic FC has arrived in Kazakhstan with its own water and chef, reports citing Scottish media.

“We were speaking to the Irish association last week in Dublin and they were saying they went a day too late [when the Republic played Kazakhstan]. Hence the reason we are leaving more or less straightaway after the Aberdeen game. The recovery day on Sunday is going to be really important after the game and after the flight. We will probably bring our own water and we may bring our own chef to make sure the food is OK as well but by all accounts where we are going is quite Westernised. It’s just a question of keeping the guys as fresh as we can. There’s going to be a big time difference and a long flight. So getting them up and about on the Sunday is going to be important,” Celtic’s manager Neil Lennon said.

Meanwhile, Lennon hopes that Astana Arena's plastic grass will help his players during the historic game called by media “the smallest ever crowds in Celtic’s European history”. Celtic’s coach Garry Parker watched Shakhter’s game yesterday and gave his feedback on the team. Neil Lennon seems quite relaxed about playing against the team “that don’t muck about, they try and get the ball forward quickly and play a pretty British-type game”.

Celtic is scheduled to have a play-off game with Karaganda’s Shakhter on August 20. Whatever the results of the game are, Shakhter will become the first Kazakhstan team to play in the group stage of the European tournament.

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