Boxing: AIBA Academy will be 95% ready in June: Konakbayev

24 march 2013, 11:41
Boxing: AIBA Academy will be 95% ready in June: Konakbayev - ©
The World Boxing Championship will kick off in Almaty on October 4. According to Serik Konakbayev, Kazakhstan Boxing Federation’s Vice-President for Judiciary Affairs, construction of the World Boxing Academy under the aegis of the International Amateur Boxing Academy will be completed before this date, reports.

“We have established a special committee,” Serik Konakbayev, who used to be famous as a boxer, said. This is the first time we host a significant tournament like the World Boxing Championship among adults. The tournament will be held in the Sport Hall of Baluan Sholak Sport Palace. Everything goes as planned now.”

He said that new Olympic cycle has already started and generations of athletes are changing in many teams. It is expected that a lot of new experts and fans will come to boxing.

“We have set a task to get the building (of the World Boxing Academy) 95% ready by June,” the famous boxer said. Then it will be a time for finishing works. We are planning to finish construction and put it into operation in time. May be it will happen in August or in September. I’d like to say that it is a great contribution into the development of our sport.”

According to the Vice-President for Judiciary Affairs of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, Kazakhstan is the only country in the world that supported AIBA’s idea to construct the sport sites. Kazakhstan has allocated funds for the construction. Konakbayev mentioned AIBA’s Road to Dream project that was designed for developing countries that have no dedicated facilities for boxing. Referees, coaches and other experts involved in boxing will study in the Academy.

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