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Astana Arlans crush Mexico Guerreros 4-1

09 december 2013, 18:45
The Heavyweights Christian Demaj vs Vasiliy Levit. Photo  © astanaarlans.kz
The Heavyweights Christian Demaj vs Vasiliy Levit. Photo © astanaarlans.kz
The Astana Arlans won over the Mexico Guerreros, leaving the Warriors no chance to redeem themselves after the unfortunate start of the season, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz. The underdogs bet did not work out for the Mexican team this time. The Head Coach of the Arlans Sergei Korchinsky’s strategy brought the Wolves to the victory once again.

Debutants took to the ring in the light flyweight category (-49 kg). Mardan Berikbayev started off with confidence against Jose Alberto Zaleta Reyes. In the second round, the young Arlan kept Zaleta Reyes at a distance, managing several counterattacks. Korchinsky noted that Berikbayev’s resolve shattered under the pressure of the Mexican debutant. The Arlans’ new boy gave in to Zaleta Reyes’ tactics. However as a result of 5 rounds, Mardan Berikbayev won on points against Jose Alberto Zaleta Reyes. The Alfa Wolves started the night with a win (1:0).

Meirbolat Toitov faced Sergio Chirino Sanches, a debutant from the Mexican Guerreros in the bantamweight category. Toitov, having more experience (2WP) and having won the experienced Mexican Emigdio Elias (13 WP/1 TKO), was light on his feet and fought steadily during all 5 rounds. The Warrior’s new boy Chirino Sanchez showed a good start, actively attacking the Kazakh boxer. But Toitov was adamant and got away from Chirino Sanchez with a classic one two combination. In the third round, Toitov knocked down the young Warrior. In the final round the Mexican got serious and brought Toitov to the ropes. The experienced Wolf jabbed off and won the bout with 3:0 (50:45, 50:44, 49:46). Toitov brought the Astana Arlans to 2:0.

The third bout of the evening -64 kg, light welterweight category was a decider. For the Mexican team it was crucial to turn the scales for their own benefit. The debutant Zhanibek Azhibayev of the Astana Wolves fought against Christian Bielma of the Mexican Warriors. Azhibayev clearly dominated the first round, which became the wake up call for the Mexican. Bielma showed aggressive boxing against the more technical Kazakh boxer. In the second round, Azhibayev got him in the face several times, and his hard punch slashed Bielma’s eyebrow. But this did not stop Bielma, who, sticking to his aggressive tactics, fought for life. The Mexican’s determination brought him the first win and even cheers of the Kazakhstani spectators.

With the scales titled, the Kazakh team had to get seriously. Baluan Sholak Sports Arena burst with cheers when the middleweight (-75 kg) Sergei Derevyancheko got into the ring. “It was difficult as a neutral not to feel anything but extreme sympathy for the young Guerrero as he made his first appearance in the WSB against the competition’s most successful ever fighter,” observes the WSB reporter referring to Diego de Jesus Moreno Amador of the Mexican Guerreros. Derevyanchenko showcased great tactics and techniques once again. Some heavy punches landed on the young Mexican boxer but he did not lose his cool and remained steady as much as it was possible against the orthodox Ukrainian boxer. However, on the 44th second of the 4th round Derevyanchenko TKOed Moreno Amador as the Mexican coach threw in a towel.

Derevyancheko brought his Wolves to 3-1 and determined the result of the match.

Even after the Mexicans had lost the night, the heavyweight (-91 kg) Christian Demaj (0-3) had to set himself right in the fight against Arlans’ Vasiliy Levit. The young Arlan proved his talent in the fight against the Baku Fires’ bad boy Abdulkadir Abdullayev. “My opponent from Azerbaijan was stronger and more experienced tham the opponent from Mexico Guerreros. (…) I have seen his previous (Demaj’s) fights and he did not surprise me at all because the tactics we were working on with the coaches worked against him,” said Levit after the fight. Demaj was doing a lot of clutching while Levit was trying to keep the Albanian at a distance. In the 4th round amid the cheers of the public Levit TKOed Demaj setting the score to 4-1.

The unbeaten Astana Wolves continue their way to the Championship in the 4th season. The Mexico Guerreros team has not had a single win this season. The WSB reporters are hopeful that the aggressive but wholehearted fight of the Mexican debutant Christian Bielma would bring the old spirit of the team.

As for the Arlans, they are meeting their major opponent, the invincible Cuba Domadores on December 13 in Almaty, Kazakhstan at Baluan Sholak Sports Palace at #44 Abai Av. (at the crossing with Baitursynov Str.). The Cubans have previously wiped out the Russians, the Mexican and the Polish 5-0. The most intriguing match of the WSB 4th season is sure to gather hordes of spectators thirsty for exiting epic boxing.

Tickets are on sale at Meloman Stores and ticketon.kz. The prices range from 1000 ($7) to 5000 tenge ($33).

The clash of titans is scheduled for 7:30 pm.

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