Adai horse wins race in Moscow

05 августа 2013, 14:37
Adai horse Oily. Photo courtesy of
Adai horse Oily. Photo courtesy of
Kazakhstan's Adai horse Oily has won a race at the CIS Cup (Commonwealth of Independent States) in Moscow, Russia, Lada reports citing the Head of Kazakhstan Federation of National Kinds of Equestrian Sports Arman Tulparlary Orynbasar Kulbekov.

About 100 horses and best jockeys from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan took part in the competition. Oily is one of the six horses that represented western Kazakhstan's Mangistau oblast. The stallion won the 160km race and received a participation license for the 2014 World Equestrian Games that to be held in France.

This wasn’t the first time when an Adai horse brought victory to Kazakhstan in Russia. In 2011 Kazakhstan Adai horses won the CIS Cup that took place on July 29-31 in Ryazan oblast, Russia. They took the first place by the team score and also they won the Audience Choice Award.

Adai horse breed was developed in Mangistau oblast of Kazakhstan. They are considered one of the most sturdy breed in the world. Nearly 60 years ago one of Adai horses set a record galloping 354 km in one day. Horse breeders say that this breed is used to tough living conditions. The horse can eat very hard grass, cover long distances and endure very hot weather of up 60 degrees Centigrade above zero. What's even more unusual is that they drink salty water from the Caspian Sea and can survive long periods of time without water.

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