Two-meter Yoda appears in Almaty

04 марта 2013, 11:53
Wise jedi was constructed in 26000 blocks. ©
Wise jedi was constructed in 26000 blocks. ©
Almaty children have constructed a 2m tall Yoda from Star Wars, reports.

The wise jedi was constructed from twenty six thousand LEGO blocks. 30 children took part in the project near the food-court of Mega Center Alma-Ata Shopping Mall. Similar Yodas will be constructed in other cities of Kazakhstan.

The project opening was organized to celebrate the opening of the first Kazakhstan LEGO Shop in Shop in Marwin. Shop in Shop is a system of smaller shops inside big ones. Children can play LEGO in specially designed zones in the shop.

Vadim Golenko, general director of Meloman retail chain said that an average Kazakhstan family spends about $500 a month per one child. 18% of this amount falls on toys.

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