Shymbulak launches new piste this winter

22 октября 2012, 16:02
Shymbulak Mountain Skiing Resort. ©Vladimir Prokopenko
Shymbulak Mountain Skiing Resort. ©Vladimir Prokopenko
A new cableway called Left Talgar will be launched at Shymbulak mountain skiing resort near Almaty this winter, reports, citing a marketing representatives of Shymbulak resort Stepan Deonissyev.

This year's new developments have increased the total length of the pistes at Shymbulak by 1 kilometer. According to the expert, the Left Talgar piste will be a spring route. “It will have enough snow for skiing until the end of April. It is a shady slope and snow stays there long into spring. It will help unload the main slope There will be less queues and it will make skiing at Shymbulak more interesting,” Deonissiyev said.

Besides, the main slope was also modified to make skiing more convenience. The workers to clean the slope from the trees that were fallen by last year's storm are at their completion stage. Besides, a rope city called Taypark is being constructed at the territory of Shymbulak. For a fee anyone can try and feel what being an mountain climber is like and take a walk on the ropes at over 2 meters about the ground.

Another interesting development is the season is that the jumping snowpark will be reconstructed at Shymbulak. “It is likely that an air-cushion will be installed at the snowpark to practice jumps. We have studied our mistakes and now we are going to make the snow park a better place. We are working on the quality,” Deonissyev said.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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