Salute of 67 salvos will culminate Victory Day celebrations in Astana

08 мая 2012, 18:27
A salute of 67 salvos will be held in Astana in commemoration of the Victory Day on May 9, reports citing Director General of Kazakhstan-Salyut Vadim Gostev.

“The number of salvos will be equal to the number of years (from the date of the victory in World War II). There will be 67 of them. It will be salute, not fireworks,” Vadim Gostev said.

He also said that the salvos would last for 10 minutes and will have a whole range of effects and different forms and colors. Pyrotechnical effects will be non-stop. “The openings will be at the height of 100 to 300 meters and the diameter of almost each opening will be 70 to 160 meters. These will be huge balls,” he said.

The first salvos of the Victory Day will start at 10:00 p.m. Astana time and will be visible from all part of the city. The most spectacular view will be from the Essil River in the area of the city park.

Distribution of St.George’s stripes has already started in Astana. 5 thousand stripes will be distributed in Astana in two days.

By Nazymgul Kumyspayeva

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