Muturganchik clown mulling world tour for Almaty Circus

31 августа 2012, 14:02
Murat Muturganov. Photo courtesy of
Murat Muturganov. Photo courtesy of
Murat Muturganov who was recently appointed Deputy Director for Creative Development of Almaty-based Kazakh State Circus has shared his plans on the Kazakh Circus development and creation of new shows in his interview to

One of the goals he is pursuing to improve the Circus’s work is to create an own show for the Kazakh Circus, the one it can tour the world with. “We have got very good equestrians. They are in demand all over the world. And I would like to make the show that would feature equestrian skills. Besides, it should have ethnic music, live sound, live vocal. I am planning to take this show out to the world to show Kazakhstan's culture, its circus art and musicians. I want to make a really decent show,” Muturganchik said.

The working title of the show is The Nomads. Circus artists are planning to start rehearsing it in March-April 2013. It will take at least half a year to make the show. The premiere is scheduled for December 2013 in Almaty. After that, starting from January 2014 the Circus will be touring the world.

Muturganov also plans to change the Circus' New Year shows. “Every year we have almost the same New Year show. This year the show will be absolutely different. We will invite a director from Moscow and artists from other countries. It will no longer be only the traditional Snow Maiden who will congratulate children. We will develop a plot instead, make new costumes and music. This will be a New Year music and circus show,” Muturganov shared his future plans.

According to Muturganov, the Almaty Circus is well behind European circus at present. “We are behind because when our country was part of the Soviet Union we were a strong country. When the Union fell apart, all our best performing artists went to live abroad, because they needed to make their living. That’s why 80% of foreign circuses' success, including the one of Cirque du Soleil, is based on the efforts of former soviet artists,” Mutirganov said.

Murat Muturganov used to be the youngest clown of Almaty Circus. He started acting in Muturganchiks circus group (acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling, step-dance and clown’s tricks) when he was three years old. He was awarded with several international prizes and got the title of the Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan when he was 22.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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