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Kuralai Nurkadilova showed uniform of Kazakhstan Olympians

03 июля 2012, 15:21
Kazakhstan national team dress uniform. Photo courtesy of vk.com
Kazakhstan national team dress uniform. Photo courtesy of vk.com
Famous Kazakhstan designer Kuralai Nurkadilova has told about Kazakhstan national team's dress uniform that she created prior to the London Olympic Games, Tengrinews.kz reports.

“Our athletes have always come to the Olympic Parade of Nations in career apparels. This time their uniform is of a quite Europeanized style that is a mix of a dress shirt, trousers, a tie and shoes with a sports jacket and a cap. Americans and Europeans and other countries nations all over the world usually put on this mixture of clothes,” the designer said.

The peculiarity of the clothes is Kazakhstan lettering that is printed on the caps and, according to Kuralay Nurkadilova, positions the country well. Sports jackets, shoes and caps will be similar both for men and women. However, women will wear women’s ponytail caps. “Women will put on knitted dress. Its’ shape will suit to any type of body shape. (…) They’ve got similar shoes, but women’s model is with small heels. High heels are not comfortable and could serve as a disadvantage for the athletes for perform the next day, high heels are weary for them,” the designer said.

A soft toy – snow leopard - is an accessory of the dress uniform. The leopard became famous in 2011 Winter Asian Games that Kazakhstan hosted. “It’s one thing to show the toy at the Asian Games and it’s totally another to show it to the entire world and make it as popular as Cheburashka (a character in Russian children's literature from a 1966 story by Russian writer Eduard Uspensky.) Russian national team showed him last year,” Nurkadilova said.

She also added that she was planning to promote her new Olympian uniform in her new clothes designer’s line Kuralai Sport. This design could be used for developing of snowboarding and mountain skiing gear. The athletes have already tried the uniform. “When the first athletes tried the clothes, one of them said: “I don’t want to take it off.” And it is the best praise for a designer. Everybody likes the uniform we’ve made.” Nurkadilova said.

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