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Exact replica of T-34 tank made by Kazakhstan family

14 марта 2013, 13:29
©ng.kz/Nikolay Solovyev
©ng.kz/Nikolay Solovyev
©ng.kz/Nikolay Solovyev
©ng.kz/Nikolay Solovyev
A family in a village near Kostanay made an exact replica of Soviet T-34 armored vehicle from snow, Nasha Gazeta reports.

Zatobolsk village citizens made a full-size replica of the tank from 4 tons of snow and one bucket of green paint. Every evening during one month they went outside with spades, gathered snow, pressed it into the required form and poured water on it to stiffen the snow. Then they carved the pile in to the shape of the vehicle.

According to the creators they wanted to participate in the thematic winter contest Tankovik-2013. The contest's requirement was to make a replica of an armored vehicle with enough space for at least one crew member inside. Two people could fit in the T-34 replica. Besides, the commander and driver entrances had hatches to close them with. However, the vehicle is fragile and only children could walk on top of the armored vehicle.

The creators of the snow replica say that many people came to see the vehicle. A veteran of the Great Patriotic War once came specially to see the armored vehicle. Taxi drivers started bringing clients to the vehicle for an extra charge. The authors of the idea also say that once the policemen confused the replica of the armored vehicle with a real one and started demanding to see a permission for the vehicle.

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