Canada bans foreign strippers

05 июля 2012, 15:44
Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. ©REUTERS/Chris Wattie
Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. ©REUTERS/Chris Wattie
Foreign strippers will no longer be permitted to bare their breasts and shake their booties in Canada, AFP reports citing Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Foreigners intending to work for strip clubs, escort services and massage parlors will, as of July 14, no longer be able to get temporary work permits, Kenney said in a statement.

The policy change aims "to protect vulnerable foreign workers from the risk of abuse and exploitation in sex trade related businesses." It was included in an omnibus budget bill passed last month.

Also on Wednesday, Canada's human resources ministry unveiled new rules that will effectively prevent employers linked to the sex trade from hiring temporary foreign workers.

The government's failed 2007 attempt to ban foreign strippers drew catcalls from Canadian club owners who said they relied on hires from Eastern Europe and Asia to entertain their guests.

"They're beautiful, exotic and very professional," one club owner told AFP at the time, asking to remain anonymous. "Banning them from Canada just leaves them with fewer options to escape a life of poverty in their home country."

Several clubs now say they only hire homegrown talent.

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