Baiterek is getting a competitor in Astana

03 октября 2011, 18:01
Photo courtesy of free source
Photo courtesy of free source
A building of a famous Kazakhstan architect Saken Narynov called City Watch: Tower in Astana might be included into the list of sights of Astana, Express-K writes.

The City Watch is made in a form of a 100-meter tower. According to the architect, the building will have a winter garden, restaurant and trade facilities inside. One will be able to go up on the cable-railway made in a spiral outside the tower. The design model is currently being reviewed by the city administration. If the project is not approved, it may be taken up by Almaty.

Earlier Narynov took part in the exhibition of Central Asian contemporary art called Between heaven and earth held in London. The architect presented two compositions, Kazakh Bottle and Mole’s Holts and the project of the watch tower in Astana. According to him, his works were personally selected by supervisors of London forum who visited Narynov’s workshop in Almaty.

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