U.S. interested in 16-y.o. inventor from Pavlodar

11 марта 2012, 13:53
Venus. Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Venus. Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Pavlodar school student Nazifa Baktybayeva, 16, has been invited to the U.S. to visit NASA headquarters, Channel 7 reports.

The foreign experts got interested in a space project of the inventor. The student assembled a unique orbiter for studying planets. Her Venus-1 scientific-research complex is made of locally available materials: an umbrella, a hanger, toy balls, earphones and a heater. It took the inventor one year to make the device.

Baktybayeva is going study Venus first. "Studying this mysterious planet with the use of this innovative device will help us develop scenarios of the future of the Earth and prevent the catastrophes that we will probably experience in the future," the inventor says.

Earlier the student's project won the third place in the national contest. Baktybayeva received a grant for education in a local university but she will unlikely use it: she dreams of becoming an astronaut, a major she can study in foreign universities only. In April the inventor will take part in the space science competition in Baikonur and will then leave for Houston.

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