Two-meter skeleton of Bronze Age chieftain found near Lisakovsk

04 августа 2011, 15:20
The vault's age is three thousand years.
The vault's age is three thousand years.
The unique finding near Lisakovsk.
The unique finding near Lisakovsk.
The unique finding near Lisakovsk.
The unique finding near Lisakovsk.
A Kazakh archaeological expedition has found a burial place aged about three thousand years during excavation of a burial mound near Lisakovsk town in Kostanay oblast in Kazakhstan, reports.

Three Bronze Age stone vaults were found by the archaeologists. The experts were amazed by the two-meter man skeleton that was found in one of the vaults. The archaeologists said that the remains must have belonged to a tribe chieftain.

“This is a unique founding in terms of society differentiation. This will help us to understand what was the attitude to a person was vested with a “chieftain” authority. The other two vaults had been robbed. They were women burials. It was permitted to enter them and to take different adornments from them. Everything could be taken from there, but it was forbidden to enter the chieftain’s tomb,” Emma Usmanova, the archaeological expedition head said.

Pottery and food were neatly set next to the chieftain’s skeleton. “It won't be possible to restore his hairdo, but the main appearance could be restored. It is obvious that the man had strong muscles. Places of attachment of muscular tissue are well pronounced on the skeleton, and there are big rough mamelons on his bones. This means that the man's physical build was very strong”, Aleksey Ovsyannikov, the participant of the expedition and the head of Karaganda oblast forensic division said.

As soon as it stops raining, the archaeological expedition will continue the excavation at the burial place.

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