Researcher calles to subsidize energy effecient housing in Kazakhstan

19 августа 2013, 11:58
Kazakhstan citizens prefer traditional technologies for building houses. Photo courtesy of
Kazakhstan citizens prefer traditional technologies for building houses. Photo courtesy of
Kazakhstan researcher Aleksnader Nizovkin has called the Kazakhstan Government to support constitution of ecology-friendly buildings with independent energy and heating supply systems, reports.

Kazakhstan citizens willing to build a private house tend to stick to traditional outdated technologies that they deem more reliable, alternative energy sources expert Aleksnader Nizovkin says. They use the existing power lines, central water and heating networks. Frequently the houses are heated with coal and wood stoves that do a lot damage to the environment.

Mistrust to the ecology-friendly buildings, the scientist believes, is driven by fears of their excessive cost. The cost problem is partially there, Nizovkin agrees, however construction of an energy efficient house is not much more expensive than that of a regular house. Part of the expenses are defined by the individual design considering local weather conditions. But a major part of the additional expenses depend on the technologies used for generation and accumulation of energy.

According to the researcher, devices that use solar, wind and water energy can be used for the environmentally-friendly housing. Combined solar-wind units with batteries are the most promising converters, he believes. It is practical to make the house’s roof transparent for additional heating. The roofs may also be equipped with solar collectors: the reflectors that increase the density of sun beams.

Gas for additional heating can be produced by domestic wastes photolysis (light decomposition) units. Besides, gas may be accumulated from special biological toilets.

By Dmitriy Khegai

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