Preparations for delivery of KazSat-2 started in Baikonur

25 мая 2011, 17:16
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Preparation of the working area for testing KazSat-2 started by Khrunichev Space Center and Yuzhnyi Space Center, a branch of the Center for Operation of Ground-based Space Infrastructure Facilities in the operations and checkout facility of 92A-50 platform in Baikonur, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing the source in the cosmodrome.

As per the source, equipment and devices are being installed and communications are being laid on the platform to connect the satellite with testing equipment on the ground. It is expected that the spacecraft will be delivered to Baikonur in the week's time from now from Khrunichev Space Center, where final tests are being performed.

“The launch of the carrier-rocket Proton-M with Breeze-M upper stage and a cluster of KazSat-2 and SES-3(OS-2) satellites is scheduled for July 2011,” the source added.

Kazakhstan telecommunication satellite KazSat-2 is made by Khrunichev Space Center. It is equipped with 20 responders, 16 active and four reserve. It weighs around 1,330 kg and has to operate in the geostationary orbit for 12 years rendering telecommunication services to Kazakhstan consumers, as well as users from Central Asia and central part of Russia.

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