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PHOTO: Non-professional astronomer made a unique panoramic image of the Milky Way

02 june 2011, 11:19
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American photographer and non-professional astronomer Nick Risinger pictured a unique panoramic view of the Milky Way in real color, Daily Mail writes.

Risinger made a 360-degree view of the Milky Way consisting of 37,440 shots. They were made by six synchronized cameras set in elevated areas in the Western US and South Africa. The 5,000-megapixel panoramic photo shows all planets and stars in their natural colors. The pictures were posted on Sky Survey website.

The 28-year-old citizen of Seattle traveled around 90 thousand km setting and moving his cameras from spot to spot. Risinger made a very detailed plan and scheduled exactly when to shoot each of 624 sectors of the sky entering their coordinates in his computer. “This is not a scientifically useful image. It is made for educational and artistic appreciation,” Risinger said. He also noted that he was not planning to make his unique work commercial and suggested to use this map for astronomy classes at schools.

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