Kazakhstan scientists make discovery worth millions

08 may 2013, 12:35
Kazakhstan scientists make discovery worth millions - Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
A group of Kazakhstan scientists has made a discovery that may be worth a Nobel and other prizes, two representatives of the group who asked not to be named told Megapolis.

The scientists claim that they have invented a unique material: ultrapure carbon. According to the speakers, they managed to create a technology for production of this material unavailable anywhere in the world.

They explained that they did not want publicity out of fear for the safety of both their information and their lives. “Commercialization of our results promises millions of profits. And attempts to take possession of the technology are quite possible,” they said.

The researchers do not trust the licensing system, because it has a weak spot. “Registering know-how requires unveiling its essence, and this can be used to still the technology from us. Nobody except us has the technology for production of the raw material. So we abstained from acquiring a patent,” the scientists said.

According to them, the areas of application of the ultrapure carbon are “huge and count hundreds of applications”, including production of good-quality synthetic diamonds and artificial blood.

Answering the question on whether the country’s leaders knew about the invention, the scientists said that they did not notify anyone during the process, but they submitted the information to the government as soon as they received and confirmed the results.

In the end of the conversation the head of the group added that ultrapure carbon is not the only material they produced. There is another one, more precious, but the scientists do not disclose any information about it. “I will disclose it when I am confident that my invention will be beneficial for people. I will give it to honest people only, so that it serves all the people. I will never allow it to be a source of big money for a small number of persons, while other people remain poor,” he said.

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