KazSat-2 satellite launch delayed

20 июня 2011, 14:11
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
The launch of second Kazakh satellite KazSat-2 has been postponed, KazTAG reports referring to the National Space Agency’s press-service.

It was scheduled to July 10, but has been postponed to July 15. “The launch has been moved to July 15”, KazKosmos (National Space Agency) message says. Its explanation of the delay is that the National Center of Space Communication reviewed a notification from its contractor that is creating the second satellite for Kazakhtan – Khrunichev Space Research and Production Center – saying that additional protection is needed for one of the electric instruments of the satellite. This development will entail an additional round of electric testing of the satellite’s control system.”

This is the fourth delay in the launch of the satellite. Initially it was scheduled to December 2009. But Kazakh party judged that the project was technically imperfect and insisted on its improvement. After that the launch was moved to the end of 2010, but the project was not completed by that date either. Then it was postponed to March, then to June 10, and now to June 15.
KazSat-2 satellite costs $115 million.

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