Karaganda scientists invented anticholesterol and antiparasitic medicines

23 апреля 2011, 12:56
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Karaganda Phytochemistry Institute is getting ready to start production of a unique medicine based on absinthe and Saussurea, Tengrinews.kz reports.

Currently Kazakhstan does not produce any state-of-the-art medicine to decrease cholesterol level in blood. High cholesterol causes atherosclerosis.

A new medicine called Aterolid has been developed by Phytochemistry Institute's scientists for people with ischemic heart diseases and patients on special diets.

As per the scientists, the medicine will be both medically effective and cost-effective. Its main component is made of absinthe which grows in plenty in Central Kazakhstan. This makes production of this medicine much cheaper than that of chemical medicines.

Another advantage is that being absolutely natural Aterolid has no side effects.

Currently the medicine is in the third stage of human trials in Almaty Cardiology Research Institute.

Another invention of Karaganda scientists is an antiparasitic medicine called Saussalin made of Saussurea. The medicine destroys animalcular Lamblia parasites in human body without side effects. There is no similar medicine in the world, because all of its analogues are synthetic. The medicine is recommended for clinical use for acute or inveterate lambliasis.

Karaganda Phytochemistry Institute is all over the world. It became famous with its anti-cancer medicine Arglabin. It was also made of absinthe which grows in Karkarala region of Karaganda oblast.

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