Groundbreaking crop yielding technology: Kazakhstani scientists

25 апреля 2014, 00:44
Participants of the press-conference. ©
Participants of the press-conference. ©

Kazakhstani scientists have invented a method to increase yield of agricultural crops that can possibly bring them a Nobel price nomination, Tengrinews reports citing Dr. Abdulmalik Ashir, the author of the project.

The method allows increasing crop yield by 50% in 11 minutes without any fertilizes. The scientists assure that this method does not alter the crops genetically. The Kazakh scientists have been working on the Bioresonance Activation of seed and planting stock of various agricultural crops project since 1991.

The author of the project Dr. Abdulmalik Ashirov is the head of the Scientific Research Laboratory at the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University. According to Dr. Ashirov the project is unique.

“The technology was tested and approved by agricultural institution not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, Tajikistan and Ukraine. All the tests gave positive results. The results in 11 types of crops that include wheat, barley, corn and even potatoes prove the universality and adaptiveness of this technology,” Dr. Ashirov said.

The technology does not require any manual work and that allows processing thousand tons of seed and planting the stock without changing traditional agricultural technologies.

“For Kazakhstan that has 12.65 million hectares of cultivated lands, crops yield will go 5-6 million tons up, which can obviously help ensure food supply security of the country. (…) In case 20 thousand hectares are processed and the crops are sold at a moderate $200 per ton, the amount of additional income would be $1.2 million,” Khalel Akhmetov, the financial manager of the project said.

The project has a chance to be nominated for the Nobel Price in future, as there are a number of Nobel price recipients who are willing to recommend it for the nomination.

Now the authors of this groundbreaking technology are planning to introduce it in agricultural establishments around the world.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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