Environment-friendly engine invented in Almaty

18 февраля 2013, 14:39
Smog over Almaty. Photo by Nikolay Ustinov©
Smog over Almaty. Photo by Nikolay Ustinov©
Roman Kochkanyan and his invention. Photo courtesy of k1.kz
Roman Kochkanyan and his invention. Photo courtesy of k1.kz
Roman Kochkanyan from Almaty has developed an engine that will help reduce smog in Almaty or at least significantly decrease its concentration. Dr. Kochkanyan told about his invention to K1.kz.

Compared to the classic piston engines, the new engine works “on simultaneous opening of both valves: inflow and outflow”. It is a low-maintenance engine capable of working on gas, petrol or diesel fuel.

“It took 30 years to make this wonderful invention work. The secret is that we have managed to change the gas-distributing mechanism and the collector. Initially we wanted to make the engine money-saving and it turned out to be ecology-friendly as well,” the inventor said.

“It's emissions are 30 percent less and its fuel consumption is 15 percent less then those of commonly used engines. We have already received a patent for this invention. However, the mass sales will not start any time soon. The details are ready, now it’s necessary to perform comparative tests on the prototype. But the problem is that Kazakhstan does not have its own engine-making plants, only the assembly ones. We need to sign contracts with companies that are involved in engine production and and offer the new technical solutions to them,” he said.

The inventor stressed that the engine was tested only in a laboratory so far. “Our shop is in Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University. It doesn’t have any super-computers and advanced devices. It only has common equipment covered with engine oil. We grinding out many of details and mechanisms ourselves,” Kochkanyan said.

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