CIS countries decided to create CIS geographic atlas

22 ноября 2011, 13:07
CIS map
CIS map
CIS Interstate Council on Geodesy, Cartography, Land Registry and Earth Remote Sensing decided to create a CIS atlas, reports, referring to the CIS Executive Committee's press-office.

A work group was assigned to work out a concept of the Integrated Atlas of CIS Countries by the next session of the CIS Interstate Council that will be held next spring in Moldova.

“The CIS atlas will be developed for the first time after almost 20 years of existence of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The goal of the new atlas is to provide systematized information on CIS member countries in a graphic form. Among other things the atlas will also provide information on CIS natural resources, unique natural features, their economic, cultural and tourism achievements,” the Committee’s press-release reads.

It is expected that the atlas will consist of a foreword, general overview section and part dedicated to specific countires and subjects. General geographic and political world maps in which CIS countries will be indicated in colors will be included in the general part of the atlas. Texts on CIS history, the goal of the organization, extracts from the CIS Statute, specifications of CIS countries (population, area) and map symbols will be included in the general part as well.

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