Archaeologists found Bronze Age burial near Uralsk

19 июля 2012, 14:38
©Kazbek Kuttymuratuly
©Kazbek Kuttymuratuly
Kazakhstan archaeologists have found a Bronze Age burial near Uralsk city, reports, citing

The remains of a young girl aged 18-22 were found at the site of the burying. The remains were discovered in the craftsmen part of Zhayik ancient settlement that is located near Uralsk city and is dated back to the 2nd century B.C. According to the experts, this means that Uralsk is several centuries older than it was considered before.

The Bronze Age people had their own rituals and religious ideology. "The burial ritual included positioning the body in the embryo pose: knees and elbows bent, head tilted down at 0.5-0.7 degrees," Murat Kalmenov, Oblast's Historical and Archaeological Center’s research fellow said. According to him, burials in the embryo pose is an attribute of the Bronze Age.

Earlier, when Zhayik ancient settlement was discovered, Uralsk city was considered to be founded in the XIV century. The first excavation works were done there back in 2001. It is planned to construct an open air museum at the territory of the ancient settlement.

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