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Almaty started recycling garbage

07 december 2011, 11:22
Containers for wastes separation. vesti.kz stock photo
Containers for wastes separation. vesti.kz stock photo
Almaty domestic wastes are used for production of utensils, construction materials, elements of playgrounds and packing materials, Tengrinews.kz reports citing press-service of Almaty Department of Natural Resources and Natural Use Management. Recyclable materials are collected in containers for wastes separation.

400 underground containers for wastes separation were installed in Almaty in 2011. New containers are embedded 2.5 meters under the ground, where wastes are stored in special vacuum reservoirs. This eliminates bad smell and prevents rodents from accessing the wastes. Almaty has 8 special trucks for transportation of wastes and servicing such containers. Right now new containers are installed only on 80 special platforms in one of Almaty regions. 40 similar containers are to be installed in 2012. The cost of one container, according to the city authorities, is around 600 thousand tenge ($4,000).

Employees of the organization transporting the wastes and servicing the containers are running awareness campaigns explaining to the residents which container is aimed for which type of wastes. Then the wastes are distributed to 20 companies processing such wastes: waste paper, glass, textile, polyethylene and metal.

One of such companies specializes in processing car tires. Representatives of the company said that the rubber is crushed and used for production of coating for playgrounds, tennis courts and road humps.

Another company utilizes domestic and office appliances to produce clothes pins, bowls, buckets and hangers. Textile wastes are used for production of fillers for mattresses and insulants.

According to Almaty Department of Natural Resources and Natural Use Management, a new wastes dump and a plant for sorting and burial of household wastes are to be constructed in Almaty oblast in 2013.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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