Sharia Law raid held in the streets of London

22 января 2013, 17:24
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A group of young people held a raid enforcing Sharia law in London, reports. Videos of young people threatening passers-by appeared on the Internet several days ago. They obsessively explained to the passers-by that they had to follow the Sharia Law regardless of their own believes as they were in the “Muslim area” of the city.

In the first video the operator insists that a young woman in a short skirt was wearing the clothes wrong for the “Muslim area”. The next passer-by had to surrender his can of beer because of its alcohol content. The can was taken away from him and smashed. London citizens followed the requests of the “raid” organizers without any arguments. Another young couple was accused of vomiting next to the mosque and the “Muslim patrol” told them to leave their region and never come back shouting “This is democracy! This is freedom!”

In another video the raid’s participants insulted a young man for his looks. He was called a homosexual and instructed to immediately leave the “Muslim area”.

In the third video the “Muslim patrol” took on the advertisements of Super Push-up Bra by H&M demonstrating an “inappropriately dressed woman”. The participants “took upon themselves to commend good and forbid evil” and “took the law in their own hands”. They covered the ads around London with black paint to “cover up the naked woman”.

By Alisher Akhmetov

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