Praying in public offices may be banned in Kazakhstan

09 сентября 2011, 15:31
Draft law On religious activities and religious institutions was presented to the lower chamber of Kazakhstan Parliament (Majilis) on September 8, reports.

One of its provisions prohibits religious exercises and ceremonies in the buildings and at the territory of state authorities, educational facilities (except for religious educational establishments), in the Armed Services, buildings of law-enforcement authorities and other services related to provision of public security, protection of the residents’ lives and health.

Chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Religion Kairat Lama Sharif said that this regulation imposes fines for praying in public offices. He said that the size of the fines will be discussed by the parliament deputies. The legislation requires elimination of prayer rooms from public offices.

The document states that in case of an urgent need of patients of hospitals and geriatric homes, disabled or convicts, administration of the state authorities shall provide enforcement of their right for religion by inviting a member of the clergy.

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