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Number of salafis went drastically up in Atyrau oblast

17 ноября 2011, 10:25
Number of salafis went drastically up in Atyrau oblast, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Director of Religion Department in the region. At the 1st forum of Kazakhstan religious experts Orazbek Kassymov said that 90 salafis were registered in Atyrau Interior Department before the terrorist attacks in Atyrau.

“This number is over 1,500 right now. 900 of them are officially registered, but I can assure you that the number has already exceeded 1,500. They are all young people,” Orazbek Kassymov said.

According to the official information there are 8 thousand Muslims in Atyrau oblast. 90 percent of them are young people aged from 13 to 30.

“Around 70 percent of them are either already salafis or just starting to learn Salafiyyah. Most of them wear short trousers, but some of them have no beards. When you start talking to them, they say: 'We live in the country of atheists'. They say it very openly,” Kassymov said.

According to Kassymov, the situation after terrorist attack is stable. Religious experts are invited to Atyrau to speak to people and students. “In general religious situation in Atyrau oblast is currently under control,” he said.

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