Kazakhstan pilgrims to depart for Mecca after October 15

12 октября 2012, 11:34
The first groups of pilgrims will depart from Kazakhstan after October 15. They will travel to the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia to perform a hajj to Mecca, Agabek Sydykov, press-secreatry of the Spiritual Management’s of Muslims told Tengrinews.kz.

According to him, about five thousand hajj quotas have been allocated to Kazakhstan this year. The most number of people wishing to perform a hajj to Mecca live in South Kazakhstan Oblast and Zhambyl Oblast, whereas Northern Kazakhstan Oblast generates the least number of pilgrims in Kazakhstan.

Sydykov also said that the Spiritual Management of Muslims of Kazakhstan will provide two imams per each large group of pilgrims consisting of 500 people average to accompany them to Mecca. Smaller groups will be provided with one imam each. The imams will be explaining the hajj rules to the pilgrims.

According to the Spiritual Management’s of Muslims of Kazakhstan, there are 19 tour companies in Kazakhstan at arrange pilgrimage tours to Mecca.

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