Unasur observers prepare for Venezuela election

24 сентября 2012, 15:57
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his rival Henrique Capriles are satisfied with logistical preparations ahead of the arrival of election monitors from the Union of South American Nations, AFP reports citing the group.

Unasur, which held days of meetings to get ready for the observer mission, will oversee the country's October 7 presidential vote in which socialist and leftist firebrand Chavez, 58, is seeking a third six-year term. Polls place him ahead of center-left Capriles.

The participating monitors will be from Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru, Unasur said.

The US-based Organization of American States was for decades the source of monitors for Venezuela's elections.

But Chavez, a staunch critic of the United States, rejects OAS observers since the group supported the man who tried to oust him from power in a failed 2002 coup bid.

Venezuela is highly polarized between the two camps and earlier this month the Carter Center, a human rights organization founded by former US president Jimmy Carter, urged the two candidates to ease tensions so as to avert post-election violence.

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