Ukraine local elections will not take place in 2015: Hollande

03 октября 2015, 13:09

French President Francois Hollande said Friday that local elections in Ukraine, planned for October, will be delayed until next year, AFP reports.

With the rebel east planning separate elections from the rest of Ukraine, Hollande said after a Paris summit on the conflict that the polls would be delayed to allow "an indisputable election".

Ukraine had planned the local election for October 25, while the rebel east had announced theirs on separate dates in what has been described as a breach of a peace deal.

Hollande said after a summit in Paris between Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine that the elections "must be held according to Ukraine's electoral law".  

He and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the leaders had decided that a new electoral law would be passed in Ukraine, and that only 90 days after that could the polls be held.

Hollande also said that a pre-agreed withdrawal of light weapons on the Ukrainian frontline would begin on Saturday.

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