Terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan will not affect relations with Islamic countries

23 ноября 2011, 15:25
Expert of the Islamic Center for Development of Trade of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Mamoudou Bocar Sall thinks that the recent terrosit attacks in Kazakhstan will have no effect on business with Islamic countries, KazTAG reports.

“Terrorists are just a small group of people. These terrorist attacks will have absolutely no effect on relations between Kazakhstan and OIC countries. Kazakhstan is a large and rich country and we are here to develop trade and investments between Kazakhstan, Central Asian region and other countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” he said at the briefing as part of a business forum on development of cooperation between Central Asian countries and the OIC on November 22.

Director General of the Center Dr. El Hassane Hzaine noted that “Kazakhstan is an open country that creates good conditions for capital investment”.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that a terrorist attack happened in Taraz on November 12. 7 people fell victims to the crime, five of them were police officers. The criminal blew himself up during apprehension.

Two explosions happened in Atyrau in the morning on October 31. The first blast was in a garbage can at Kulmanov street. An hour later a man blew himself up in Saryarka region.

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