Russia’s Foreign Ministry sends note of protest to Kazakhstan over killing of Russian fisherman

29 ноября 2013, 16:38
©Press Service of the Border Control Office, National Security Committee
©Press Service of the Border Control Office, National Security Committee
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has sent a note of protest to Kazakhstan over the recent incident at the Caspian Sea in which Kazakhstan’s border guard officers shot at suspected Russian poachers, killing one of them, RIA Novosti reported November 28.

November 25 Kazakh border guards fired shots when trying to detain two boats with eight Russians of Dagestan origin, killing one of them and injuring another. Six Russians were detained on suspicion of poaching.

A spokeswoman for the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said Thursday that Russia viewed the use of firearms against the suspected offenders as “an inadequate and inadmissible move”, adding that it was not a single case Russia’s citizens have been killed or wounded through wrongful actions on the part of Kazakhstan’s law enforcement bodies .

Ms. Zakharova noted that Moscow is calling Astana to resort to firearms when detaining Russian fishermen at the Caspian Sea. According to her, Russia expects Kazakhstan to provide full information on the incident and on the current state of those detained.

“The Russian side is calling to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the incident, find the guilty ones and hold them liable. The Russian side has insistently asked the Kazakh side to take all possible measures not to allow deadly use of firearms against Russia’s citizens”, Ms. Zakharova added.

During a combat duty operation November 25 a border guard helicopter Mi-8 of the Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee Border Control Service detected the frontier crossers. Seeing the border patrol unit, the latter started maneuvering wildly, trying to change the course. They didn’t respond to the request to stop and tried to get away. After which the patrol unit resorted to firearms.

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