Putin and Poroshenko agree to solve Ukrainian crisis peacefully

01 сентября 2014, 03:13

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko have agreed to solve the Ukrainian crisis peacefully, via negotiations, and agreed that the mistakes like forcible takeover would not happen again. Putin said this in an interview to Channel One, Tengrinews reports.

"I think it is a good lesson for us all. It should serve to end this tragedy as fast as possible, and peacefully, by means of negotiations. We have agreed about this with Pert Poroshenko. And we have agreed not to repeat the mistakes that had been made in Ukraine in the course of the forced takeover," Putin said.

The Russian president called Ukraine to realise that winter was coming and consider stopping the armed stand off and starting restoring the damaged infrastructure in the country's south-east, reminding that otherwise people would be dying of cold in winter.

Putin admitted that it was impossible to tell when exactly the crisis in Ukraine would end, pointing out that the nearing elections to the Ukrainian Rada would aggregate the situation and much would depend on the political will of the country's leaders.

Putin said that the West had had to calculate the consequence of its influence in Ukraine. "It (the West) had to bear it in mind that Russia could not remain indifferent to people being shot point blank. I don't mean the Russian leaders being indifferent, or even Russia as a state, I mean the Russian people. (...) The reaction was inevitable, because it is our relatives and friends who live there that we are talking about. Everything is interconnected. Those in the West and elsewhere who are planning things, should calculate the consequences of their actions," Putin said.

Speaking about the sanctions, Vladimir Putin admitted that Russian producers were unable to replace all the goods Russia used to import. "We are working with other foreign producers, with Latin America - Brazil, Argentina, Chile, with China and other countries. It is strange to hear European colleagues calling these countries not to supply their goods to Russia (...) it is hard to imagine businessmen who would willingly waste such an opportunity to enter our market. (...) This holds some danger for our traditional suppliers (Europeans and Americans), because when some or other companies settle firmly in a market, we are talking about the Russian market in this case, it is hard to push them out of this market afterwards, practically impossible. I think that European companies, not politicians but businessmen, understand this, and they are disappointed with the policies of their governments," Putin said.

By Tatyana Kuzmina

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