PM Karim Massimov speaks before the new Majilis

20 января 2012, 15:29
Government session. Photo courtesy of
Government session. Photo courtesy of
Karim Massimov. Photo courtesy of tengrinews
Karim Massimov. Photo courtesy of tengrinews
PM Karim Massimov spoke to the newly formed country’s Majilis (lower chamber), reports.

“Dear Majilismen, when Head of State first introduced me as a candidate to the position of the Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister I told I had always been and would be a loyal aide to the President. Today, when you gave a vote of confidence in me I want to repeat my earlier voiced words once again. There will be other governments afterwards, there will be other heads of government, and they may have other priorities. I want to reiterate today that I have been and always will be a loyal and committed aide to President Nazarbayev”, PM Massimov said after the newly formed Majilis passed a vote of confidence in his Government.

“Today you ‘ve given credence to the Cabinet and me. I am grateful for the dialogue and for all your suggestions. It was of great importance for me as Head of Government to listen to your opinion. I believe there will be multiple opportunities to discuss various viewpoints on a wide range of issues. Undoubtedly, the Government will be taking into consideration your suggestions. Your vote of confidence is new credentials for the Government to proceed with the President’s path towards the country’s modernization. It’s a great honor and responsibility. Challenging tasks set by Head of State are lying in wait for us (…) I assure you that meeting the Government’s obligations in the social realm will be the cornerstone of the economic policy. Robust economy means stable salaries for people, employment opportunities, and stable future of younger generations. It serves our national interests”, K. Massimov said.

He emphasized that regardless of various political viewpoints the Parliament deputies and the Government pursue a common goal “to secure wellbeing of Kazakhstan’s people, coming to terms in all situations”.
Concerted actions of the Government and the Parliament and the ability of political parties to cooperate will enable to bring the President’s plan to life, according to Massimov.

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