Nobel Prizewinners Club to open in Astana

05 may 2011, 18:54
The club of Nobel prizewinners will open in Astana, reports. Such decision was made at the 4th Astana Economic Forum.

"This decision is not something special, but it is very important. We understand today that the global community is concerned about the world economic processes. And, of course, talking about the processes developing today, building up of a new economic model of global development is very important. I think that the first issue that the Nobel prizewinners club will work on in Astana will be a new model of global economic development,” said Mikhail Fyodorov, chairman of the Coordination Council of the Eurasian Economic Club Association.

As per Fyodorov, the idea to create a scientific club belongs to Robert Mundell. He took part in the 4th Astana Economic Forum along with other Nobel prizewinners -- John Nash, James Alexander Mirrlees, Robert John Aumann and Roger David Kornberg.

By Assel Satayeva

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