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No polling in Zhanaozen will have no effect on the results of the parliamentary elections

06 января 2012, 18:22
Zhanaozen. Maksim Popov ©
Zhanaozen. Maksim Popov ©
The fact that there will be no polling in the oil-producing city of Zhanaozen [due to the emergency situation announced following the public unrest December 16] will have no effect on the results of the parliament elections, Kuandyk Turgankulov, Head of Central Election Committee, believes.

“As for the fact that that there will be no polling held in Zhanaozen, it will have a miniscule effect on the nation-wide results of the vote. There are only 50 000 voters in the city. With the expected high turnout across Kazakhstan, there will be no tangible effect on the ultimate results of the vote”, Mr. Turgankulov announced January 6.

Earlier the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan had elaborated that no voting could be held in areas where emergency situation in in effect. The Central Election Committee decided to postpone local legislative bodies elections in Zhanaozen until after the emergency situation is over. The city will not be voting in the parliamentary elections January 15.

“We’ve considered other options to ensure citizens can exercise their right to vote and be elected. However, all possible options are not in line with the current legislation on elections. Guided by the resolution of the Constitutional Council, we have taken the decision”, Turgankulov elaborated.

When asked if the rights of voters are impaired in connection with the decision not to hold the polling in Zhanaozen, he said that “the Constitutional Council doesn’t think there is a violation of rights”.

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